US Agent Training Course (USATC)

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Unlock the complexities of the world's most popular study destination with this comprehensive course exploring student recruitment for the US market.
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The US Agent Training Course (USATC), created and developed by ICEF, is the first of its kind and supports professional development for agents specialising in the USA as a study destination. The USATC equips you with a firm foundation in the benefits and structure of the US education system, and offers resources to help you steer international students to the most appropriate institutions to meet their goals.

About the course

The USATC syllabus includes:

Upon successful completion of the final exam you will receive your USATC qualification badge and certificate, and join the network of approved USATC agents.

Why take the USATC?

The course builds your specialist knowledge of the world’s most competitive study abroad destination.  Developed by ICEF, and  harnessing 30 years of international education expertise, the USATC is ideal for new counsellors entering the sector, those wishing to gain a competitive edge in US student recruitment, and for any international education professionals looking to expand their knowledge of a complex education system. 

ICEF trained education counsellors are recognised and sought after by institutions globally. After receiving certification you will join the Qualified Education Agent (QEA) network – a global directory of 10,000 agents and the go-to source for educators seeking expert education counsellors.