Irish Education Agent Course (IEAC)

Course Description

Understand student recruitment opportunities within the Irish education market, and discover how to work with stakeholders and institutions in Ireland.
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Certified counsellors

Introduction :

The Irish Education Agent Course (IEAC), created and developed by ICEF, is the first of its kind and supports professional development for agents specialising in Ireland as a study destination.

To ensure that agents have access to the most accurate and current information possible, this course was developed following extensive consultation with institutions and various stakeholders in Ireland, including organisations, associations, and government entities.


Who is this course for :

New entrants: individuals wishing to enter the international education industry as student counsellors

New student counsellors: the IEAC is an excellent training tool for new staff members at agencies

Practising student counsellors: the IEAC provides up-to-date information about international education principles and processes

About this course

The IEAC syllabus includes:

Upon successful completion of the final exam you will receive your IEAC qualification badge and certificate, and join the network of approved Irish education agents.


Education agents who wish to further their professional development and focus on Ireland as a study destination should take the IEAC.

An official qualification is available to all candidates who complete the course and pass the IEAC exam. While they will not be officially accredited or endorsed by the Irish Government, successful graduates will receive a badge with a unique ID number and a certificate confirming them as an Irish Course Graduate (ICG), with the recognition of being a qualified Ireland consultant for the international education industry.

As well as this, all qualified agents will have their name, badge with unique ID number, photo, company profile and contact details including website featured on the ICG Finder.

Graduates are also entered in the Qualified Education Agents (QEA) smartphone app for iOS and Android produced by ICEF and PIER. This app contains the names and company contact details of more than 10,000 qualified agents worldwide and includes location-based features and search functions – a most valuable resource for educators looking to connect with expert agencies!