China Education Agent Course (CEAC)

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The CEAC is a Chinese-language training course for agency-based study abroad advisers, and is offered in partnership with BOSSA.
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The China Education Agent Course (CEAC) is delivered fully in Chinese language. It is designed to equip China-based education counsellors with an understanding of the global international education landscape, and build the skills to help students realise their goal of studying internationally, outside of China. This course is delivered in partnership with BOSSA – a Chinese organisation distinguished for driving professional practices in Chinese student recruitment. 

There is currently a hold on new registrants for this course. If you would like to join the wait list please contact:, and we will be in touch as soon as the doors reopen. 

About the course

The CEAC focuses on 3 main areas:

Upon successful completion of the final exam you will receive your CEAC qualification badge and certificate, and join the network of approved CEAC agents.

Why take the CEAC?

China-based education agents who would like to further their knowledge of the global international education landscape should take this course. It is offered in partnership with BOSSA, a government-supported industry association of member educational agencies. 

Graduates of the course emerge with a deeper understanding of the global industry, and are better equipped to advise students on how to make to move to study overseas. 

ICEF-trained counsellors are recognised by institutions globally as the best in the sector, while BOSSA are distinguished for driving professional practices in student recruitment.  After receiving certification you will join the Qualified Education Agent (QEA) network – a global directory of 10,000+ agents and the go-to source for educators seeking expert education counsellors.